Learn how niobium is playing a key role

in the development of advanced batteries

Over recent years, a lot has been discussed about batteries and energy storage efficiency. Batteries have also been in the spotlight since the 2019 Nobel laureates in chemistry were involved with the development of lithium-ion batteries, which revolutionized the energy industry. 


Disruptive elements in Li-ion batteries are currently being studied to be applied in the next generation of batteries, and niobium is playing a key role.


In this series of videos, discover how niobium is helping to develop materials with fast charging capabilities, stable delivery of high energy densities, improved safety and longer durability.

What challenges do we face in the future development of energy storage technologies?

Why is niobium interesting in the context of energy storage?

Where can niobium play a role in new anode materials for batteries?

Where can niobium play a role in new cathode materials for batteries?

How can niobium be applied in other energy storage applications?