Nanocrystalline materials and the energy revolution

New materials are required to meet the increasing global demand for energy


As our lives become ever more connected, the products we use, the vehicles we drive and the spaces where we live and work are requiring increasing amounts of electricity. In fact, global power demand is expected to grow 62% by 2050. Innovative materials are needed to meet this constantly expanding demand.

Nanocrystalline materials are a promising new generation of advanced, soft magnetic alloys used to control and convert electricity. And, niobium is being used  in the production of these materials thanks to the valuable functionalities that it enables.

Several exciting technologies are harnessing the potential of nanocrystalline materials, like electricity distribution and transmission grids that are safer and smarter; industrial applications that are more precise, efficient and higher performing; and transportation solutions that charge faster and easier.

Watch the video to learn more about the versatile material that will help #PowerTheFuture.

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