Niobium high strength steels in tall buildings

Representatives from the construction supply chain share their views on how high strength steels add value to the design and construction of tall buildings.


Shaping the landscape of today’s modern urban environment, high strength steels have enabled the design of more ambitious and complex high-rise buildings. Not only do these steels optimize design, they also bring significant benefits to fabricators and construction companies.

The higher yield and tensile strength of niobium micro-alloyed high strength steels allow some products, such as sections and welded shapes, for the fabrication of structural elements using less material, which results in significant weight savings. Using less steel reduces the amount of time and costs associated with construction and has a reduced impact on the surrounding area.

Two Singapore-based organizations explain in the following interviews how high strength steels have been successfully applied in several iconic building projects.

Yongnam Engineering and Construction (PTE) Ltd
Part #1

C. Harendran, shares his perspective as a fabricator on the specific benefits high strength steels bring to fabricators like Yongnam.


Part #2

Hear about the advantages provided by high strength steels during the construction of Marina One in Singapore.


Part #1

Using examples from across South East Asia, architect José Cláudio Silva explains how high strength steels add value to the design of modern buildings.


Part #2

Concluding remarks on the role played by high strength steels in the modern urban environment.