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Thermomechanical controlled processing (TMCP) - Delivering the advantages of niobium technology

Learn essential information about basic metallurgical principles of thermomechanical controlled processing (TMCP) and its application in the production of plate and strip for the manufacture of high strength linepipe.

Modern high strength linepipe capable of meeting the most onerous demands of discerning end users could not be produced without the use of the uniquely important element, niobium. The advent of lower carbon steelmaking and the realization of the importance of this to steel properties and weldability, in particular, are now relentlessly driving change.

Steelmakers, pipe manufacturers and their clients are increasingly embracing best practice and are taking advantage of the enhanced understanding of the special role played by niobium during conventional TMCP, and the way in which high temperature processing (HTP) can be implemented to provide the many benefits highlighted in this short document.
TMCP - Delivering the advantages of Niobium technology (PDF 2.02 MB)