Technical Paper

Development and application of steels for bridges and buildings in China

Niobium Bearing Structural Steels

This paper summarizes the current status in development and application of steels used for bridge construction in China. It outlines the three stages of development experienced in China: (1) from 1949-1990, where development was slow and characterized by the production of 16Mnq series (YS 345MPa). Such steels suffered from lack of refinement, controlled rolling processing as well as the quality of steel metallurgy, often leading to poor low temperature toughness properties; (2) from 1990-2000, with improved steelmaking, rolling technologies and techniques, the quality of bridge steels greatly improved together by microalloying with elements such as Nb being widely applied; (3) 2000-onwards, the focus has been on steels that permit the development of high performance bridges that deliver good loading, are resistant to shaking, exhibit corrosion resistance qualities, easy to fabricate etc. Such steels have shown improvement in base properties and exhibit good toughness, weldability and corrosion resistance. The paper concludes by discussing the future direction and development of bridge steels in China. (AU)
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