Technical Paper

Microalloying elements in the direct sheet plant

International Symposium on Niobium Microalloyed Sheet Steel for Automotive Application

The Direct Sheet Plant (DSP) of Corus Strip Products at IJmuiden is operational since 2000 and presently producing an annual 1.1 million tons of strip. The product range of the DSP comprises HSLA grades of yield strengths from 320 to up to 500 MPa that are microalloyed with niobium and vanadium. Those grades are suited for hot-rolled and cold-rolled applications, e.g. for automotive structural parts or seating and safety systems. This publication describes the IJmuiden DSP process and zooms in on the effects of the microalloying elements Nb and V under the specific DSP thermal conditions in Ijmuiden. (AU)
Technical Paper (PDF 7.76 MB)