Technical Paper

Technical research on applications of X80 linepipe girth weld for the second West-East Gas Pipeline Project (2nd WEPP)

International Seminar on Welding of High Strength Pipeline Steels

The comprehensive requirements for the Second West-East Gas Pipeline Project, such as strength level, pipe diameter, wall thickness, transporting pressure and distance, transportation capacity, and tight construction period, represent the highest level in pipeline construction in China. With regard to the technical difficulties of welding in the project, several major problems were solved by comprehensive and systematic research on weldability, welding materials, welding process, especially the welding under low ambient-temperature conditions (down to -25°C) of actual X80 pipe and strain-based designed X80 large deformation pipe. The whole research program paved the way for the onset and completion of the project on schedule. (AU) Copyright © 2013 Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) All Rights Reserved
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