This influential webinar series hosted by CBMM, the world's leading supplier of niobium and niobium technology, brought together an international line-up of speakers from industry and academia, with a welcome address by 2019 Nobel Prize winner John B. Goodenough.
Check out below some of the most interesting content presented during the three-day event. 

Webinar 3: The Start Up Journey

To conclude the webinar series, in the final session leading entrepreneurs discussed in first-hand how they have taken their technologies from the lab into successful start-up companies. This session was chaired by the 2020 Charles Hatchett Award winner Professor Manish Chhowalla from the University of Cambridge.

Charging a Battery Start Up

David Grant, President, Battery Streak


The battery industry is dominated by large companies, with a well developed supply chain from raw materials to finished packs.  Battery Streak is a start-up with new technology and getting it in front of the big companies is quite a challenge.  But it is also a great journey of wins and pitfalls, and how we managed it all.

Partner and Conquer: Echion’s Anode Commercialisation Journey

Jean de La Verpilliere, Chief Executive Officer, Echion Technologies


Echion Technologies commercialises proprietary Mixed Niobium Oxide anode materials for next-generation superfast-charging batteries. In this talk I will reflect upon the main milestones that have enabled Echion to cross the chasm from its foundation in Cambridge University labs in 2017 to product validation and market entry. In particular I will focus on the synergies between startups and large established companies, and how successful interactions can create tremendous value for both parties.