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Collaboration to reduce wear and corrosion cost for the mining industry

International Symposium on Wear Resistant Alloys for the Mining and Processing Industry

It is a common objective for all the mining industries to reduce the cost of maintenance and reliability due to wear and corrosion issues. Larger gains and faster progress could be achieved by a more concerted collaboration. With this vision, the National Research Council (NRC)/Industry Mining Materials Wear and Corrosion Consortium was founded in 1996. The consortium has expanded to 14 members, including mining companies, equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers. During the last 19 years, through the collaborative wear materials research program within the consortium, the expertise, the unique capabilities, and the materials database, NRC have helped the consortium members to reduce the severe wear and corrosion damage that translates to high costs and production losses incurred during mining and mineral processing. Some very significant improvements in the battle to control wear/corrosion and improve performance are presented. (AU) Copyright © 2018 Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) All rights reserved
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