Technical Paper

Effect of molybdenum on precipitation behavior in titanium microalloyed HSLA steels part II - precipitation during γ→α phase transformation

Symposium on Fundamentals and Applications of Mo and Nb Alloying in High Performance Steels

The effects of Mo on the isothermal γ→α phase transformation and precipitation behavior were investigated. Addition of 0.2 wt.%Mo to a Ti microalloyed steel results in a fully ferritic microstructure at higher isothermal transformation temperatures. The microhardness of the microstructure, isothermally transformed at all temperatures, in a Ti-Mo steel was higher than that in a Ti steel. This is attributed to the superior coarsening resistance of MC carbide in the TiMo steel as compared with that in a Ti steel. (AU) © 2015 Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM)
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