Technical Paper

Microalloyed steels produced by Usiminas for the automotive industry

International Symposium on Niobium Microalloyed Sheet Steel for Automotive Application

Microalloyed steels, including conventional and advanced high strength steels and those extra low carbon steels which offer different combinations of strength and ductility, are currently products highly used by the automotive industry. The use of microalloying elements such as Nb,Ti, V and B allows the production of steels with several combinations of mechanical and technological properties, which can be applied to different body in white parts including closures. Aware of the market movement and as a big supplier of flat steels to the Brazilian automotive sector, Usiminas has for many years included microalloyed steels among its products. This paper describes some of the main microalloyed steels produced by Usiminas and supplied as hot rolled or as cold rolled to the automotive industry, their historical evolution in the company and the market. It also discusses the main mechanical and microstructural features of these steels as well as their typical applications in modern auto construction. (AU)
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