Opening Session

- Dr Eliza Massi, Department of Trade and Investment, Embassy of Brazil in the UK
- Lucas Brown, British Consul Belo Horizonte, Brazil
- Ricardo Lima, CEO, CBMM, Brazil

Session 01: Advancing Battery Materials Technology

Professor Stanley Whittingham FRS, Binghamton University, USA - 2022 Charles Hatchett Award Lecture: What is the Role of Niobium in Nickel-rich Layered Oxide Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries?

Dr Bin Li, Wildcat Discovery Technologies, USA (pre-recording)
- Development of New Cathode Materials with Disordered Rocksalt Structures
Professor Yang-Kook Sun, Hanyang University, South Korea (on-line)
- Cobalt-free High-capacity Ni-rich Layered Li[Ni0.9Mn0.1]O2

Session 02:  Advancing Battery Materials Technology

Rahul Fotedar, Morrow Batteries, Norway
- Commercialization of Next-gen Batteries Based on Niobium Chemistries
Dr Jean de La Verpilliere, Echion Technologies, UK -
Safer, Faster Longer: Powering Heavy-duty Applications with XNO® Anodes

Dr Dai Yamamoto, TOSHIBA Corporation, Japan
- Benefits of NTO Technology for Applications That Require Long Life, High Power and Fast Charging Capabilities
Dr Oliver Osters, Skeleton Technologies, Germany
- Superbattery Technology for Fast Charging Applications
Dr Anna Wise, Nyobolt, UK
- Nyobolt NWO Technology for Applications Requiring Long Life, High Power and Fast Charging Capabilities


Session 03: Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability

Dr Hadi Moztarzadeh, Advanced Propulsion Centre, UK
- Supply Chain Opportunities for Electrification of Heavy-duty Vehicles (HDV)
Professor Jo Dewulf, Ghent University, Belgium
- Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Niobium Production
Alex Thompson, European Metal Recycling, UK
- RECOVAS Project - Creating a New Circular Battery Supply Chain in the UK
Rogério Ribas, CBMM, Closing Address

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