Technical Briefing

Niobium Tungsten Oxides for High-rate Lithium-ion Energy Storage

The Charles Hatchett Award is important to identify new applications and markets for Niobium. 

Introduced over 40 years ago, The Charles Hatchett Award is a prestigious recognition that aims to identify new applications and markets for Niobium. The award is sponsored by CBMM | Niobium and recognizes the best published research on the science and technology of Niobium. The annual award brings together technical experts worldwide, and a panel of international experts selects the winning paper. 
The 2019 Charles Hatchett Award winners’ presentation shows the research approach and mechanism studied of high-rate lithium-ion energy storage and promising battery materials based on Niobium Tungsten Oxide. This material is greatly associated with electrochemical energy storage, meeting the demands of the growing grid-scale renewables market with escalating and shifting energy storage requirements.  
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