Technical Paper

Development and weldability assessment of heavy gauge X80 linepipe steel for spiral welded pipe

International Seminar on Welding of High Strength Pipeline Steels

Today, ArcelorMittal is able to supply X80 coil skelp for spiral welded pipe complying with API-5L/ISO-3183:2007 PSL2 and BDWTT (Batelle Drop Weight Tear Testing) toughness in thickness up to 20 mm. The extension of the product range to higher thickness is ongoing. This paper summarises the state of the X80 heavy gauge (thickness above 18 mm) development at ArcelorMittal, as well as an extensive evaluation of the submerged arc weldability of this steel, using commercially produced X80 coiled material of 21.6 mm thickness. The weldability assessment proved that this steel is suitable for spiral pipe manufacturing, with very suitable tensile and toughness properties. (AU) Copyright © 2013 Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) All Rights Reserved
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