Technical Paper

Recent developments in steelmaking and casting

International Symposium Niobium 2001

An overview of the chronological development of steelmaking and steelmaking processes is first provided. The current status of steelplant technology and foreseeable development trends are then outlined. Secondary metallurgy, in particular, has developed in recent years into an independent stage in the steelmaking process. Selection of appropriate processing routes correlating to the properties required in the steel make it possible to meet the high demands nowadays made on steel quality. A significant decrease in achievable contents has become possible in the past two decades in the case of the elements carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and total oxygen, in particular. Production of a product which is free of surface defects is the target in the continuous-casting process. The preconditions for production of a crack-free slab surface are assured by means, in particular, of the cooling strategy applied in the casting machine’s secondary cooling zone. (AU)
Technical Paper (PDF 1.75 MB)