Technical Paper

Some aspects on production of wrought γ (TiAl) based components for transportation

International Symposium on Niobium for High Temperature Applications

Within the last three years PLANSEE AG successfully extended its capabilities for wrought processing, machining and joining of conventional engineering γ (TiAl) base alloys to high Nb containing γ (TiAl) alloys. In particular, large-scale extrusion of cast ingots, hot-rolling of sheets from extruded ingots as well as from gas-atomized powders and forging were successfully demonstrated on an industrial scale. The present paper is focused on wrought processing of γ (TiAl) alloys with emphasis on the industrial production of valves for high performance automotive engines. Additionally the status of manufacturing technologies for sheet and sheet based components for future aerospace applications is presented. Another objective is to address the current status of wrought-processing of high-Nb containing γ (TiAl) alloys as well as to report resulting mechanical properties in order to show the potential of this new class of structural high-temperature materials. (AU)
Technical Paper (PDF 3.97 MB)