Technical Paper

Surface modification of INCONEL 718 superalloy by plasma immersion ion implantation

International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives

Superalloy are alloys developed for elevated temperatures applications, where relatively severe mechanical stressing is found, and a high surface stability is frequently required. Improvements in the surface properties of a wide range of alloys have been obtained by the implantation of nitrogen while field test results for industrial tools and components from a diverse range of applications have been positive. The objective of this work is to improve the mechanical surface properties of Inconel 718 by PIII (Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation - PIII). In these experiments, samples of Inconel 718 without heat treatment are used. Nitrogen ions in Inconel samples were implanted: a) for a period of one hour, and b) for a period of 3 hours. Tribological properties of PIII treated samples were compared with the ones for untreated samples are compared. The best result is obtained for the samples treated for 3 hours after 5000 cycles of an unlubricated pin-on-disk test, with very little wear. (AU) © 2010 by The Materials, Metals, & Materials Society. All rights reserved.
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