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Direct observation of niobium segregation to dislocations in steel

The Charles Hatchett Award is important to identify new applications and markets for Niobium. Introduced over 40 years ago, the Charles Hatchett Award is sponsored by CBMM Niobium and recognizes the best published research on the science and technology of Niobium. The annual award brings together technical experts from around the world and the winning paper is selected by a panel of international experts. The 2017 Charles Hatchett Award winners video presentation shows the acknowledgment of the various questions and uncertainties regarding the alloying elements during the direct observation of Niobium segregation to dislocations in steel. This paper aims to clarify these issues using atomic scale characterization and niobium as the alloying element in steel for grain refinement through the retardation of recrystallization in the hot rolling process and the cold rolling annealing process of the steel materials.