Technical Paper

Investigation and application of ferritic boiler steels in Ultra-Super-Critical (USC) power plants

Niobium Bearing Structural Steels

This paper briefly introduces the significant importance of the enhancement of plant boiler steel parameters to worldwide energy resource savings and emissions reduction, and the strategic research projects to the R&D of ferritic boiler steels in China, Europe, Japan, Korea and USA. A summary of the historic evolution of ferritic boiler steels in the last fifty years and the critical significance and importance of niobium (Nb) addition is given. The emphasis of the paper is on chemistry design and optimization of such steels, the effect of heat treatment on properties, experimental simulation of hot deformation process, testing to determine the creep rupture strength as well as data accumulation. Finally, the application prospect of ferritic boiler steels in USC power plants for today and tomorrow is also discussed. (AU)
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