Technical Paper

Requirements for large diameter pipes for the project ‘Eastern Siberia – the Pacific Ocean’

International Symposium on Microalloyed Steels for the Oil and Gas Industry

In connection with the development of the ‘Construction of Eastern Siberia – the Pacific Ocean Pipeline’ project VNIIST, fulfilling the task of OAO AK ‘Transneft’, developed the technical norms which regulate the application of large diameter pipes with the higher quality characteristics, which influence oil pipeline operational reliability: General technical requirements for large diameter pipes (OTT-08.00-60.30.00-KTH-013-1-04); Special technical requirements for high strength pipes with pressure up to 14 MPa (CTT-08.00-60.30.00-KTH-013-1-05); Special technical requirements for pipes for Eastern Siberia – the Pacific Ocean Pipeline. (CTT-08.00-60.30.00-KTH-035-1-05). The technical requirements formulated in the above documents are based on the large preexisting experience in choosing pipes for long distance pipelines. They take into account state-of-the-art for rolling and for pipe production and are designed to insure the working capacity of the oil pipeline in severe emergency and difficult geographical and climatic laying conditions. For construction of the “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean” oil pipeline two categories of pipes are provided. - I level: Pipes for sections of the oil pipeline with seismicity number up to 8 inclusively; - II level: Pipes for the sections of the oil pipeline with seismicity number greater than 8. (AU)
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